Writing Your Thesis Effortlessly: Is This Possible?


Thesis can be defined as a type of dissertation or elaborated essay which includes academic research and its analysis completed by a student for a university degree. It is often referred to as a statement which is put forwarded in order to be proved and concluded with appropriate reasoning.

How to write your thesis effortlessly?

Writing a research paper demands lot of homework and preparations. Before starting your writing you need to collect enough information related to the topic and evidences to prove your thesis statement. The writing should be in an organized manner and should follow certain rules and guidelines. Here are some important tips and formats to write a thesis paper effectively:

  • Title page: the title page includes a title which perfectly suits your research topics and you can include appropriate subtitles if necessary. The name of the author, university or institution, department, mentors of your research and the date of submission should be displayed
  • .
  • Abstract: an abstract for your writing should be best as a one-liner. It should explain the importance of your research and it should contain the overall summary which reflects your analysis on the subject. An abstract can be developed in a paragraph or two and your last sentences should deal with major implications of your research. Make sure that you don’t repeat your title information on this section and try to avoid citations.
  • Table of contents: here, you need to enlist all major headings and subheadings with their page numbers. This makes the readers easier to go through all your sections easily
  • Introduction: it’s where you introduce your topic to the readers and it should contain a perfect title which attracts the readers, you can include various attention grabbers and one-liners to make your introduction interesting. The ultimate goal of your research should be neatly interpreted in this section
  • Methods: in this section the writer should provide the materials which substantiate your findings. Detailed descriptions and analysis results can be furnished here along with calculations, theories and validity statements.
  • Results: include your findings after thorough researches, graphical and pictorial representations, tables and statistics. Highlight the negative as well as positive results that you have arrived after the completion of the thesis work.
  • Discussion: after summarizing your points based on tour findings and results, throw some meaningful questions to the readers and include the best answers.
  • Conclusion and reference: main points you have gathered while doing your research should be highlighted here. Provide suitable references which helped you to gather the information.

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