Writing a winning thesis: tips for college students

Writing a thesis can be extremely stressful. You will have to argue it in front of a board, so all of your information has to be relevant and concrete. You're not the first person to need help and you won't be the last! This is no easy task, but don't let it get to you. Help is there if you need it.

A great thesis starts with a good topic. You may have been assigned a subject, but if you're able to choose your own, find one that most interests you. A lot of time and research needs to go into your thesis, so being interested in what you're writing is a definite plus!

The best thing to do is not to procrastinate. It's never too early to start thinking about – or even writing – your thesis. You can plan your time wisely by creating a schedule and having a set amount of time to work on it each day, week or month.

Don't focus on length. Your professors are much more interested in the quality of the work rather than the number of pages. Don't stretch it out any longer than it needs to be for the sake of reaching a certain number of pages!

Bring something new to the table. Express new ideas. You need to contribute something, so whatever your topic may be, make sure that the work is original. If you're basing your work off of someone else's, then expand what was done in that study.

Try to limit your distractions when you're working. Friends might be calling your name but your thesis needs to be your focus. Find a quiet place to work and don't allow anything to take you away from it until you've done what you need to for the day.

Don't be discouraged if it isn't perfect. Even the best writers need feedback. Chances are you will need to check, rewrite and make some changes before it's finished. This happens to everyone. It doesn't mean the work is bad, just think of it as a series of drafts! Books go through several editing processes before they're published, so a thesis should be treated in a similar manner.

Manage your time. Don't just make a schedule. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, divide your project into more manageable portions, and focus on one section at a time.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help. Make sure your advisor sees your work before you consider it your final draft! They may have helpful suggestions. They can also see things that you may have missed. If you happen to need writing help, we advise you to check ThesisHelpers.

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